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 Riverview High School Student Activities

Chad Smith

Student Activities Chair

With over 50 clubs and activities outside of athletics - Riverview High School has an outstanding student activities department.  There is a club or activity for just about any interest our students may have.  If we don't have it, find a sponsor and form a club; more than likely there are more Rams with the same interest!

Student Activities Directory 

Student Government

Student Council

Sponsor - Becky Quinn

President - 

Vice President - 

Secretary - 

Treasurer - 

Senior Board Junior Board  SophomoreBoard Freshman Board
Sponsor - Josh Mocherman Sponsor - Chad Smith Sponsor - Deb Berman Sponsor - Ashley Hernandez
President - Corinna Kushnitzky President - Lauren Sutter President - Sam Elnaggar President - 
Vice President - Emily Mynatt Vice President - Riley Stroth Vice President - Will Evans Vice President - 
Secretary - William Jorgensen Secretary - Allison Lindell Secretary - Ava Stroth Secretary -
Treasurer - Allison McHenry Treasurer - Samuel Miller Treasurer -  Luke Mocherman Treasurer -