Name: Heggs, Vivian 



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A little about me....I'm a native Floridian, born in Sarasota.  I attended public schools here in Sarasota.  I went off to college in Atlanta, GA.  Atlanta was a great place to be as a young person.  I lived in Philadelphia, PA for a number of years and then moved back here many years ago.  I am in my 24th year as an educator in the state of Florida, having spent 19 years in this district.  I worked 12 years in the business industry.  I am a football fanatic and love the FSU Seminoles and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.



Alvis-Greenwald, Debra: Administrative Assistant
Ard, Holly: Social Studies
Barber, Melissa: Cambridge, ELA
Batista, Pedro: Dance
Baxter, Richard: Technology
Bell, Traci: Gifted & Talented Language Arts Grade 6 and 7
Bogart, Cheryl: Title I Reading
Burbridge, Theresa: Graphic Design
Carocci, Paula: Civics
Carpenter, Isaiah: Grade 6 Advanced Math
Caka, Kerin: Language Art 7th grade
Chapman, Joi: VPA Chorus
Clark, Tracy: Guidance Counselor All Grades A-Me
Claude, Amy: CTC
Clay, Kim: Reading and Literacy Coach
Cohen, Allison: Math Grade 6
Collins, Chanequiva: Media
Curry, Regina: Teacher Aide
Daher, Carolyn: Paraprofessional Aide
Daniels, Kay: 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Reading
Dubose, Deanna: STEAM Science
Dulitz, Kim: Front Desk Reception and Attendance Clerk
Dumas, Susan: ELA Resource
Durrstein.Jennifer: Receptionist - Discipline Office
Dwulit, Theresa: 7th & 8th Grade Math
Everist, MaryPat: Language Arts
Fox, Joanna: Creative Writing
Frazier, Ed: Behavior Technician
Friday, Michael: Science
Frost, Dr. LaShawn: Principal
Glahe, Michele: ISR
Gordon, Georgia: Math and ESE Teacher
Grady, Luke: Social Studies Grade 6
Gross, Cindy: ESE Liaison
Hart, Karen: Math 7th grade
Heath, Donna: Language Arts Grade 6
Heggs, Vivian: Reading Teacher
Hicks, Sam: Math Grade 7
Hiers, Dawna: Paraprofessional Aide
Hill, Richard Colby: Social Studies
Howard, Kathy: Security Aide
Jenkins, Derek: Assistant Principal
Jones, Japara: Cafe Monitor
Jones, Ron: Paraprofessional Aide
Kerr, Cheryl: ELA Resource
Leal, Daniel: Academic Intervention and Behavior Support
Lee, Stephanie: Reading Grade 7
Lopez, Erin: Home School Liaison
Lowrey, Cindy: Reading
Martin, Will: Orchestra
Mason, Kyle: Teacher, PE
McCarthy, Sean: Science 7th grade
McDonald, Lynne: Science Grade 8
Meralus, Tonya: PE Aide
Mills, Carrie: Drama and Musical Theater
Montes, Troy: Paraprofessional Aide - ESOL
Montuori, Crystal: ELA
Morrow, George Ann: Civics Grade 7
Nielsen, Greg: Band
O'Dell, Angela: Math Grade 6
Officer Gipson: School Resource Officer
Parker, Cameron: Assistant Principal
Peltier, Katerina: Math Pre-Algebra
Pineda, Nilsa: Paraprofessional Aide
Powell, Jennifer - Science Teacher - Gifted
Ramon, Rick: TV-Film
Ramos, Alba: ESE ESOL Gifted Liaison
Ranck, Liz: Science Grade 8 STEAM
Robinson, Teresa: Registrar
Rodriguez, Nora: Clinic
Roediger, Charles: Social Studies
Rowan-Enright, Mary: Speech-Language
Rowe, Lindsay: Pre-Algebra
Rowland, Kyle: Mathematics - 8th grade
Ruby, Sara: Science Grade 7 and 8
Schaeffer, Grace: Academic Interventionist & Master Scheduler
Scherzer, Jessica: Social Studies Grade 6
Shafer, Holly: Social Studies
Shaffer, Haley: Social Studies Grade 6
Silva, Carlos: Guitar
Skogen, Brent: Science
Slegeski, Devin: Paraprofessional Aide
Smith, Venetta: LA Grade 6
Stephanides, Angela: Gifted Algebra Geometry
Steig, Stacey: Gifted LA
Swartzendruber, Courtney: ELA
Talcott, Sunny: SDI-InD
Termine, Nick: Career Advisor
Thomas, Amy: Science 6th grade
Thomas, Cheryl: Guidance All Grades Mi-Z
Thomas, Wendy - Sarasota Against ViolencE: Prevention Coordinator(1)
Uribe, Juan: Spanish
Viverito, Louise: Math Resource
Ward, Caitlin: 2D and 3D Art
Weger, Alan: Math Grade 6
Wilkinson, Michelle: U.S. History
Woods, Chuck: Behavior Specialist